Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A fresh delivery from our mole inside the Diamond Way cult!

A picture of Ole Nydahl up to his old tricks yet again!

Also, our mole has managed to get hold of contact details for the leaders of many of the cult's UK groups.


Anonymous said...

Ole can switch on rainbows on the sky after each Phowa. There are tens thousands who have seen that in all the world.
What can you, boy?

There are thousands ex-heroinists, who became "ex" with Ole's help only.
What have made you, boy?

Continue to continue your silly blog.

Emma C said...

Apart from the poor English, I couldn't stop laughing at how silly the 'switching rainbows on in the sky' bit is. The sad bit is that as a former, I can tell you that they really do beleive this rubbish!
How 'convenient' it has never been caught on camera!

Anonymous said...

Truth is this blog is an open blog, all Diamond Way blogs are invite only, the Diamond Way official site and Virtual Sangha, that is; you can only be invited once you have practically committed. Diamond Way is very adept at manipulation of information to its favor and even goes so far as to allow the growth of racial / religious intolerence within its centers. Perhaps this was not the plan from the outset but by way of having an egomaniac leader I think we can say the Diamond Way is pretty much 'out of control'.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
How could anybody consider this racist and right-wing extremist as a "buddhist"? Anyway Ole, nice plaything (HK416 ?), but posing alone won't do it:


Ole with HK

Better get a bullet proof vest Ole ;-)


Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy ! What is the reason for such an amount of anger? Why do you focus this much on activities of other people and their obviously existing happiness with the changes in their lives. Are you probably jealous? How can you sincerly consider them to be stupid ? People are able to proof and judge for themselves. They don´t need your judgement. Your opinion is therefore useless. Go see the doctor! Best wishes to all participants!

Anonymous said...

There is a bit of a problem in the, "They don't need your judgement," statement. Let's wind the clock back about 30 years when Jim Jones had everybody drinking poisonous kool-aid; would you have said the same thing back then? Granted, it doesn't seem that the Diamond Way Cult is malevolent to the magnitude of the Jim Jones Massacre, but I think that as human beings it's imperative that the truth be provided for the sake of our fellow man: let those who are unwaivered by the truth remain where they are, but whoever can be detered by the truth has been saved from joining the collective anus that Ole Nydahl has been financially fucking. Could there be a more noble deed?

jep111111 said...

Please remove picture of Lama Ole Nydahl.
It's is being used in violation of copyright law.
I did the picture and you have not obtained my permission to use it.
Remove it now.


DIamond Way is a cult said...

lol, sounds just like what Scientologists say when an embarrassing picture comes to light :)

Anonymous said...


show us the copyright dude!

looks just like a personal pic. Were you up next for a bit of Ole's magic rub down?


come on guys . . . have a sense of humour. Not every teacher's perfect. If Ole needs protecting from these comments then he's no realised Lama. If he's got something to hide and you guys feel it then no wonder you're getting jittery.

Most authorised Lamas have a document from the Lama that authorised them to teach. Ask to see Ole's.

ps. it's not unknown for charlatans to have siddhis.

Osho, Sai Babar etc.

borislav popov said...

guys. you are really sick!

i hope you get a clear head and do not hurt yourselves with such stupid activities.

all the best.

Anonymous said...

Here is our letter of complaint to OLE's group IN VILNIUS LITHUANIA

Stikliu g. 18 – 8
Vilnius LT
Dear www.buddhism.lt,
Dear Buddhist Center Vilnius,

It is with regret that we have to inform you of the fact that during your lecture of KAROL SLENCZEK which took place today and was held and organized by your Buddhist Center Vilnius LT, the examples of RACIAL INTOLERANCE, RACIAL AND ETHNIC DISCRIMINATION were shown.
The lecturer mentioned several times that WHITE RACE is SUPERIOR to the “Asian race” as he put it. He also made some humiliating remarks about “the Russian nation”.
Furthermore he mentioned several times as a joke as he put it that it is fine to “kill 35 people and live happily ever after”.

All those kinds of things are first and foremost:

1. Against the TEACHING OF BUDDHA.
2. Against the Lithuanian Constitution.
3. Against the International Convention of Human Rights.
4. Against the Rule of Law of the EU.

Nevertheless, we can take under consideration the fact the Polish lecturer has a VERY POOR KNOWLEDGE OF ENGLISH.
And THAT might be another reason of this misunderstanding.

Before the start of the lecture we had witnessed numerous bottles of beer both full and already emptied. That might give another reason for the lecturer to have behaved like “he was not up to date”.

By this statement we are expressing a strong feeling of dissatisfaction upon the facts mentioned.

We urge the BUDDHIST CENTER VILNIUS to take necessary steps to prevent misunderstandings like this from happening again.

There were almost 100 people present and the tickets cost 10 litas LT each.
Therefore the total amount of funds raised on the event would be 1000 litas LT (one thousand litas LT).
This is a lot of money for a poor Lithuanian nation under the economic crisis.

We do hope the lecturer has a good sense of humour.


Anonymous said...

meh, so he's f&*king his students.
you;de all do the same if you were fortunate enough to acquire as many followers as he.

Teach buddhism get sex on the side. That is a mighty fine lifestyle imho.

He wins

You loose.

I dont care either way. It is what it is.