Sunday, 19 April 2009


Thanks to Hannah for designing this flyer. Feel free to print and hand some out!

Also, an interesting response I have had recently:

"You are absolutely correct. I’ve attended the DW centre in Holborn.

Yes Diamond way is a cult, I've had extremely painful experiences with them. It took me the larger part of a year to recover from them.

I confirm every point you made. (And well written too). I classify them as dangerous and even evil.

They sell alcohol, (without a drinks license) in the centre despite the Buddhist precept which negates the drinking of alcohol. Yet Ole recommends they go out drinking!!

I've known a few people part with their money and regret it.

Buddhism seems to be getting freely hijacked these days."

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Ole Nydahl in London

Ole Nydahl, the well-known fraud and leader of the Diamond Way cult, will be in London on the 25th-26th of April. Due to his spreading of hate-speech, the Home Office is looking into getting him banned from the country. If he does however manage to make it to London, his events will be picketed. Watch this space.

Legal threats

On top of the death threats, I now have Diamond Way cult members issuing legal threats against me. These would not stand up in a court of law, so grow up, and stop using tactics like the ones Scientology uses. It just makes you look more and more like a cult!