Sunday, 19 April 2009


Thanks to Hannah for designing this flyer. Feel free to print and hand some out!

Also, an interesting response I have had recently:

"You are absolutely correct. I’ve attended the DW centre in Holborn.

Yes Diamond way is a cult, I've had extremely painful experiences with them. It took me the larger part of a year to recover from them.

I confirm every point you made. (And well written too). I classify them as dangerous and even evil.

They sell alcohol, (without a drinks license) in the centre despite the Buddhist precept which negates the drinking of alcohol. Yet Ole recommends they go out drinking!!

I've known a few people part with their money and regret it.

Buddhism seems to be getting freely hijacked these days."


Anonymous said...

Nydahl is a right-extremist fraud. Please keep up the good work, such dangerous cults have to be debunked, even at the risk of their threats.

Anonymous said...

To whomever is the web page creator

Dear X ...

Thank you very much for your brave decision to open up this blog. This is a very important opportunity for people who were bullied in Diamondway Groups to express themselves.

I hope you are well despite threats you have received.

Karma Kagyu is a very important school and it carries an unbelievable blessing and development opportunities. Diamondway derives from Karma Kagyu and calls itself a lay version of that transmission.

There are unbelievable Karma Kagyu centers in France where people grow up safely in far from cult-like atmosphere. So let's don't throw a baby with a bathwater.

In my opinion an abuse at Diamondway centers has unfortunately been a fact. Not at all of them but at least a few.
This web page should definitely continue as an important venue for people who have suffered harassment.

I know at least one legitimize case against teacher Steven James from London Diamondway Centre and the Home Office should definitely take a close look at his "phenomenal career". Should there be an investigation into his activities I will be definitely able to provide a vital piece of information.

I wish you the best and once again I'm sorry for death threats Diamondway Buddhists have sent to you.