Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Various Updates

There is now firm evidence that Ole Nydahl gets paid twice for every trip he makes. He is re-imbursed by the 'Diamond Way Foundation', run by himself and Caty Hartung, and yet still takes money from his cult's centres during his travels to cover 'travel expenses'. I have also been in contact with many women who have been sexually abused by Ole Nydahl or his cult's 'travelling teachers'.

I have also found a rather amusing trend of Ole Nydahl now starting to call himself 'Ole Nydahl PhD' to try and gain legitimacy , as the 'Lama' title he has been using since the 16th Karmapa's death is becoming increasingly known to be false. However, he never completed a PhD either! He dropped out and went smuggling drugs instead, for which he went to jail in 1969.

Also, thanks to Rick Ross for adding the two Diamond Way cult links to his site:

I today received a reply from the Charity Commission saying they will investigate the Diamond Way cult after recieving countless letters of complaint from people. This is great news!