Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Various Updates

There is now firm evidence that Ole Nydahl gets paid twice for every trip he makes. He is re-imbursed by the 'Diamond Way Foundation', run by himself and Caty Hartung, and yet still takes money from his cult's centres during his travels to cover 'travel expenses'. I have also been in contact with many women who have been sexually abused by Ole Nydahl or his cult's 'travelling teachers'.

I have also found a rather amusing trend of Ole Nydahl now starting to call himself 'Ole Nydahl PhD' to try and gain legitimacy , as the 'Lama' title he has been using since the 16th Karmapa's death is becoming increasingly known to be false. However, he never completed a PhD either! He dropped out and went smuggling drugs instead, for which he went to jail in 1969.

Also, thanks to Rick Ross for adding the two Diamond Way cult links to his site:

I today received a reply from the Charity Commission saying they will investigate the Diamond Way cult after recieving countless letters of complaint from people. This is great news!


Anonymous said...

Steven James should not be a Buddhist teacher because he has done damage to people.
He is not mature person enough for that job.
He wants religious power and he can really go extra mile to hurt those who are obstacles on his way to achieve it.
Probably the Charity Commission will not do much. There is little they can do against a person who abuses power within religious communities.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where you got the information from, that Lama Ole is taking a lot of money for his travel teaching trips. And I wonder where you take the information from, how his night life looks like!!
Because all of my friends (yes, diamond way buddhists) have the completely opposite information. We trust Lama Ole alot, he is working for the benefit of others day and night. Everyone feels that, who is around his strong power field and thats the reason, why especially diamond way buddhism is so strong in the western countries!!

Anonymous said...

His "power field"? Wow. If that's not evidence of cult mentality, I don't know what is.
The fact of the matter is, Diamond Way is popular in the west because some people are still stuck in the Nu-Age Fad from the 90's, but still seek greener pastures beyond holistic medicine and worshipping crystals.
In a capitalistic nation, nothing gets "popular in the west" without being able to sell people their identity. That's why Diamond Way has its own magazine!

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the interview with Ole Nydahl by Polish newspaper Wysokie Obcasy.,96856,5659631,Zawsze_ktos_za_mnie_placi.html,96856,5659631,Zawsze_ktos_za_mnie_placi.html

In that interview Ole Nydahl says that he doesn't pay any taxes as his income level is always below a tax threshold.

In a light of what has been said on blogger about his double income it would be interesting to know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Good to see ON knows how to stay on the good side of the tax man, no doubt the best advice from DW accountant.
ON doesnt actually need to earn anything, like his foot soldier teachers their travelling life is fiananced by the host centers around the world, 550 + and growing as the DW web site puts it. Anyone involved in running a DW center knows fine well the truth is that ON and his teachers are privilaged to have all their travel costs and arrangements laid on by those lower in the dharma. If they deny this then, again, as many times before we can see the result of those who are consumed by a cult.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is the deal with "monthly national organization dues"? Up to $40.00 a month for a STUDENT or 2-3% of someone's salary?
Compare this to the monthly fees at the Milwaukee Zen Center, founded by Shohaku Okamura. ABSOLUTELY ZERO. You're welcome to sit in the center at any time and not pay a dime. Are donations encouraged? Well, sure they are: they still have to make ends meet. But do they shove the idea down your throat with culty behavior and peer pressure? No. The center stands as nothing more than a service to the community.
This is what a buddhist center should be like; a center shouldn't have inducted "members" with "membership fees"; that just leaves one financially dismembered.
P.S. I'm not a Buddhist, but I'd much sooner trust a Japanese Zen monk than a Butter Cookie Tibettan Lama.

Anonymous said...

Diamond Way Teacher comes to host country to visit Capital city DW center where he teaches for a fee.

Local DW member is encouraged to organize venue for DW teacher in out lying town. DW Teacher gives lecture in ou lying town where DW members in audience greatly outnumber 'interested' participants.

Organizing DW member carries all cost of hiring venue, entrance to teaching is free for non DW members.

Same DW member then continues life of paying monthly DW membership, course fees and $ 30 - 40 every time a travelling teacher comes to town.

DW is 100% commercial activity with funds controlled by life members of the board