Friday, 4 June 2010

Hate mail

Here is just a small selection of the more amusing hate mail this website has received from Diamond Way cult members:

I am pretty sure this kind of false accusations is illegal, so drop this before you force anyone to turn you in. Stop with your silly accusations.
Hope you get well...

Are you seeing a doctor about your condition ??? I suggest you find a hobby or try to get out more !!! Get a life.... get a girlfriend or a boyfriend... dont bother replying,,, I am bored wiv your drivel...

Lama Ole Nydahl transmits the highest flawless teachings. He can switch rainbows on in the sky at will. I informed Dafyyd of these filthy lies as soon as I got it to warn other diamond way practitioners about this mindless slander.

that is very disgusting what kind of arguments you are using. You are probably some woman who failed desperatelly to love with Ole. I think that Lama Ole is a GREAT teacher. He has not personal life. I saw him in Dublin last week and he had no chance even eat his meal. He had two pints and running to bed, next day London next Paris etc. That man works 24/7. He may earn money. Also he has free yogi style so he can have as many girlfriends as he wants.

You and your ilk would do the world best by not pushing your neurosis on others. Please get laid more often.....


Steve said...

If Ole Nydahl can switch on rainbows at will then why doesn't he, in his infinate compassion, mainipulate other weather phenomena and make it rain in drought areas?

I only ask that Nydahl performs the same miracles under controlled circumstances so that the scientific community can verify his claims.

To those of you who think that I, and others who question Nydahl, are mentally ill... I ask you some questions.

1. It is claimed the Buddha himself said "don't blindly believe anything I tell you. Go and check it out and verify it yourselves" (or something similar to this). Are we mentally ill for questioning a teacher and asking for verifiable proof of his claims?

2. If I may quote Sharma Rinpoche. "Depend on the teaching and not on the teacher. We are often impressed by speakers who dazzle us with their charisma. Powerful personalities can bring out strong emotions in their audiences. Speakers or teachers who are entertaining, provocative or engaging can motivate us to act. Today, it seems as if a teacher must become a “motivational speaker” to have any students at all.

This can cause problems. Is it necessary to name the charismatic leaders of the past who have led people into great suffering? Appearances can be misleading. Charisma does not tell us whether someone’s knowledge is correct or not."

Do you trust Nydahl over Sharma Rinpoche?

3. Do you really believe that Ole Nydahl would be able to satisfy his carnal desires with women often a third his age if he were not the self appointed head of Diamond Way Buddhism. This isn't jealousy. I just can't help feeling that this is exploitation. I do accept that these women are NOT forced to have sex with him and that it takes place by mutual consent. How would you feel if it was your girlfriend he wanted to have sex with next?

4. Nydahls comments on race are at best borderline racism. I attended a DWB centre for nearly seven years and went to several Phowa and other courses and public talks and have first hand experience of some of these comments. During a blessing line for his students new born he commented that "it was a good thing that you (white) people are having babies otherwise our western cities would soon "look" like Africa". This is clearly a comment on race rather than a comment upon culture (I accept some cultures still have abhorent practices concerning women and human rights. But this is an issue related to culture and NOT race). Do you really think that comments like these accurately reflect the Buddha's teachings?

I reserve the right to voice my opinion in this democracy and reserve the right to question each and every person who carries the title of teacher.

I encourage everyone to practice Buddhist meditation and ethics and to not take anything on "faith". Stories about plunging daggers into his own chest and disappearing lamas you can only take on blind faith because you were notthere to witness it. Much like if Neil Armstrong had returned from the moon telling us there was a drive through McDonalds on the far side!!! You have to blindly believe it or accept that you cab never be sure it's true until you go there to check it out yourself.... and if you do I'll have a Big Mac with fries....


Dansker said...

I was interested to come across this blog. My mother was a friend of Ole's in the old days (70s-90s) and what I understand from her stories is that he is a fairly flawed character.. I agree that such guru-based groups are wrong and the sexual abuse thing is a shame. I think Ole can be a good teacher but his ego has ironically led to these problems. Best of luck with your blog.