Sunday, 7 March 2010


Ole Nydahl admitted having sex with his female students in this article: Click here. He then goes on to claim this acceptable and not sexual and power abuse!!

To the right is a picture of Ole Nydahl 'blessing' female students whilst kissing them and sticking his hand down their tops!

On a lighter note, to the left is a picture of Ole Nydahl keeping up the whole 'fake Lama' charade by wearing a Karmapa-esque hat and his own version of all the connected regalia. He clearly enjoys dressing up!


Anonymous said...

thanks for this the people still dont get it...nobody writes about it...its a is a cult a dangerous one...i can tell...i lost my husband to it...but still better, because i didnt want my daughters to end up like the girls on your photos...well done...i ve sent the link to all the people in my dtb who speak english:-) ester from slovakia

Anonymous said...

Haha! That chick in the picture is my ex-girlfriend.
She even told me about how he pressed his hand on her chest and tried to explain why I shouldn't be jealous, because it was all just apart of the ritual.
I broke up with her shortly after that. She was brainwashed into this, "universal love" bullshit that Ole uses to justify banging all these hippy chicks. I told her that if you can love everyone equally, then you can't truly love someone (that is to say, me).
Still, I feel sorry for her.

Anonymous said...

you can see a Ole in a car (i think rented) ,should we investigate money of women follower ?

Colud he rent a cheapper car ?
A humble person or not ?