Thursday, 20 August 2009

A couple of updates

An interesting website with lots of people's experiences of Ole Nydahl's Diamond Way cult:

Also, on the 18th September, Ole Nydahl will be back in the UK to spread his hate speech and pseudo-scientific rubbish.


Francis said...

When I went to a Diamond Way centre for the first time I was received very warmly and surrounded with hugs and kisses. Everyone was very interested in who I was, what I was doing and what were my opinions. Then the more I stayed in the center I started to notice that what I thought was in fact pretty irrelevant. Its what the Lama says that matters. I think its so evident that all the statements that they make (The west is full of good karma, you should always be critical in your thinking, women are well appreciated in Diamond way Buddhism, Buddha would be so proud to have you as a student etc..) are merely a way to get people interested of the practice. For an example I was said that it is so good that I had critical thinking. When you spend a little more time you notice that critical thinking is the last thing that is tolerated especially if it questions even a little their beliefs.
Also, they seem to elevate themselves completely above the rest of the religions. When this was questioned as arrogant behavior they just stated that that’s just the way it is. A fact or a reality of life. I think the practice can be dangerous for a number of reasons. The very first thing I noticed in the centre was that whenever someone showed critical thinking inside the group their “leader” immediately started to talk in a very provocative way, stating “how things are” and just a long monologue of why the critical thoughts have no basis in their world. I don’t think I ever witnessed a genuine dialogue when discussing about existential matters. There was simply no room for it. It seemed to me that everyone was trying to learn by heart Oles “The way things are” and discussions always ended in someone reciting its texts. They also seem to elevate themselves above pretty much the rest of the world also. Statements such as: “Psychology can only get a sick person normal, but Buddhism can make a normal person super-normal” just show the lack of common knowledge in basic human sciences and its just ridiculous. The fact that the teachers even use this to promote themselves should put the warning lights on in everyones heads.

I saw a lot of anger based behavior but it was always seen as active compassion. Critical thinking was seen as “ego-problems” or pride and practitioners were always feeling really guilty after having these very sane reactions in an unhealthy environment. Then they went reciting mantras hoping these feelings would go away. I think it is just not healthy. Not healthy at all. All normal reactions of the mind that we should listen to and learn to work with were seen as “obstacles in our way to enlightenment” and were suppressed.

I´m not even going to go to the anti-Islam statements of Ole or the “if you have bad karma you´ll be reborn to black Africa” opinions. It is a well known fact that a cult or a sect needs to have an opposite polarity or “enemy” in order to be successful. Its not hard to see where all the anger is channeled what the members are trying so hard to suppress. These are just racist statements and I urge people to use their common sense. You shouldn’t be fooled by Ole´s charismatic appearance and his tendency to give the most simple answers to questions to which even the wisest men in the world can give simple answers. Yes, you feel what he is saying is so true, but maybe its just what we westerners want to hear in this age and time. We have little patience in our active lifestyle and we want results fast. A shortcut to wisdom and enlightenment. Its just missing the 50 years of life-experience and work that is not always easy.

Anonymous said...
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yeshedorje said...

I couldn't agree more with your post Francis. I experienced the same thing you did when I entered DWB center in Caracas, Venezuela

Francis said...

Thanks yeshedorje!
It´s nice to see that I´m not the only one out there. I really urge people to write about their experiences. I´m sure there is lots of others also with similar experiences but who are afraid to write about them. I was also told that you are going to have lots of bad karma and unpredictable obstacles in your life if decide to talk against us. If thats not manipulation and using fear as a motive to keep people quiet I dont know what is. Textbook Cult behaviour.

Francis said...

Thanks yeshedorje!
It´s nice to hear I´m not the only with my story. I really urge people to write about their experiences but I ´m sure there´s lots who are afraid to do so. I know, I was told too that if I ever decide to talk against DW I would have lots of bad karma and unpredictable obstacles in my life. If thats not manipulation and using fear as a motive to keep people quiet I dont know what is.

What strikes me the most is the omnipotent position that mr. Nydahls has aquired for himself. He can pretty much do or say anything and most members think he is allways right because he´s an "enlightened" man. They think that because he is enlightened he can see further than us in all matters of life. Therefore our crical or disturbing (as they like to put it) thoughts are just a reflexion of our pride and ego etc... and have no basis.

This is frickin scary!!

Anonymous said...

I have been a member of a Diamond Way centre for some 7 years now and have openly questioned Nydahls credentials and motivation as a Buddhist teachers. 12 months ago I moved into a Diamond Way centre to try and instill some tollerant views but am now forced to leave as I refuse to see Ole as my "root lama".

I'm not sure if the problem is Ole Nydahl? I think his students have built a personality cult around the man and he's not fully aware of the activity in his centres.

Anonymous said...

I attended a talk with Ole at a University in Texas a couple weeks ago. This was my second time. The first time was a very short talk and there were not many people there. He talked for four hours this time, so I was able to get a better impression of his beliefs and behavior. There were several females dressed very sexual for a buddhist lecture. After the lecture during the blessings, these females were all kissing him on the mouth and some where actually making out with him with alot of body contact. I thought it was strange, but after reading this site I see its not. When I attended a center, most of the members did not follow the basic teachings of buddhism. And they seemed very disrepectful toward other members. I think they would have been much better off not finding diamond way.