Saturday, 25 October 2008

Protest signs!

Thanks to Hannah for these:

Oh, and the crocodile has been launched from the donut ;)


Franziska said...

hi everybody,
I met the dalai lama "by accident" when I was 17. And since then -I am 27 years old now- I was fascinated and when getting older interested in the buddhistic "way of life", but I just didn't know what to do with it. last week there was a lecture, where a friend took me. and i thought it was a good hing to satisfy my curiosity. it was a lecture by ole nydahl. first i was totally impressed and trapped by his charisma, but after a couple of days the whole thing broke down and I started to be in doubt about everything. so what did i do? i googled "ole nydahl" and all these articles about him, just were in complete agrement with my negative experience. so now, i have these negative feelings about the whole buddhism thing, and will try to find a non-lamaole-community in vienna...which is not so easy...i don't matter which website i took, i always ended up at "lama" ole. at the end i found a buddhistic centre, which has nothing to do with ole nydahl, it seems....
any suggestions???

best from vienna (austria)

PS: if my friend reads this: i am so sorry. but this is just not the right thing for me, as it obviously is for you...

Anonymous said...

Franziska, please tell us more, why the whole thing broke down?

Some usefull links: