Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Why Diamond Way is a Cult

1. The charismatic leader (Ole Nydahl) surrounded by groupies and Ole Clones. This is known as a cult of personality. He also has no authentic credentials, and is not qualified to hold the title of Lama.

2. The manipulation of information. Books Ole Nydahl doesn't agree with or are critical of him are banned from the centres. Members are also discouraged from seeking teachings from any other source.

3. Abuse of members lower in the heirachy by those higher up.

4. Questions or criticisms from members are dismissed and supressed. The member is then made to feel guilty and told it is their fault.

5. Diamond Way has it's own words and language, to separate members from the public. New members are also given fancy new Tibetan names to make them feel important and separate them from their old life.

6. There is one rule for those lower in the heirachy, and another for those at the top. For instance, DW teaches that adultery is wrong (in common with authentic Buddhism), but at the same time, Ole Nydahl is known to have had affairs with several of his students, and had a mistress called Caty Hartung as well as his wife, Hannah.

7. The true beliefs of the group (only some of which are contained here) are kept secret from members until they are sufficiently brainwashed, and before that are lied to, just as DW lies to the public about it's true beliefs.

8. Everything in DW has a price, and the money flows to the top of the heriachy. There is also huge pressure to donate money, whether you can afford it or not. Members are milked for everything they have, while Ole Nydahl lives a life of luxury, flying round the world and having everything paid for him.

9. DW uses brainwashing techniques.

10. Former members are harassed, slandered and told to shut up about their experiences.

These are all hallmarks of cults.


Anonymous said...

How dare you continue this stupid slander against his most holiness Lama Ole Nydahl?! This mindless slander must be the work of some loser who is probably mentally ill, stupid or a criminal. Losers only slander Diamond Way Buddhism when they have something to hide themselves! Why else would you try to project your hopelessness onto the most ethical group on the planet?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 30 Aug 02:24 - what centre do you go to, I've never heard Ole referred to as 'his most holiness'.

Anonymous said...

1. http://www.lama-ole-nydahl.org/olesite/pages/person/ole_shamar_letter.pdf

2. Not true

3. Not true. There is no heirachy

4. Not true.

5. Not true. I do not remember my tibetan name.

6. There is no heirachy.
If there is no jelaousy, if you do not hurt people it is possible to have more than one relationship.

7. Not true

8. What i have been seen for last 10 years is that Ole works tirelessly for the benefit of others. He does not need special treatment and there is no contradiction between his words and actions

9. Not true.

Best wishes and much love to the creator of this blog.

Valentin, Bulgaria

Anonymous said...

Some people sees Ole as Lama Charlatananda, some people sees Ole as Buddha.
Everyone is free to check by himself.

It is very important to check the teacher. I have checked Ole for the last 10 years and for me Lama Ole is Buddha.

The result of Ole`s activity is more freedom, more joy, more wisdom and more active compassion.


Once again - best wishes and much love!

olenydahlfraud said...

1. A PDF on Ole Nydahl's official site is not proof. Of course his official site would say that! In 1977, the 16th Karmapa said to Ole "You are not a Lama. You have met many Lamas, but you are not one of them. What you can do is tell others about Dharma, but you can't act like a Lama". [quote from Wikipedia]

6. My experience was that people said there was no heirachy, but in reality there very much was one, and it was ruthlessly enforced. While I agree open relationships can work in very rare circumstances, is this the actions of a Lama? Or anyone trustworthy?

8. A common response, however in my experience he had special treatment all the time.

As for the rest, simply saying "Not true" proves nothing.

Anonymous said...

So if I was allowed to travel round the world for free, all paid for by other people, that wouldn't be special treatment? LOL

Anonymous said...

"not true" doesn't proof anything. Neither does claiming something without any foundation. How can we (dis)proof that on a anonymous blogger site?

I might say: H.H. Foo Rinpoche says he is an emanation of the 5the Dalai Lama and he hit me with a stick. Maybe Foo Rinpoche said this. Maybe he didn't? May he hit me, maybe he didn't..

Anonymous said...

Simply saying something is "true" doesn't proof anything.

If you have proof, please go the the police.

Anonymous said...

"How dare you continue this stupid slander against his most holiness Lama Ole Nydahl?!" etc etc

These words are written by either blog author himself or his supporters.
I never heard that either Ole called himself "most holiness" or even one DW student ever. "Most ethical group on the planet" also looks very funny for me, as for Ole student. Just because I apply common western democratic morale principles in everyday life. no need to call myself "most ethical" or compare with somebody.

Pavel, Ole student since 2002. Moscow, Russia.

Anonymous said...

I have heard many Diamond Way members call Ole Nydahl 'Lama', 'His Holiness', 'Dear Leader' etc etc

It just becomes embarrassing when it gets outside his lectures or the 'holy gompa' so you like to keep a lid on it.

Anonymous said...

Your mind is so confused. Must be you have had big private problems with all this stuff, I don't see any other reasons to write it. Please don't waste your time and find more happier hobby for you. You don't need to protect yourself with these posts - they bother no one except you.
And this is the worst way to be famous.
Please, bring a joy and meaningful activity in your own life.

Andrey, Moscow, Russia

Anonymous said...

Everybody is free to do whatever he wants with his life. With every single word, thought and action we create our own future.

Love and compassion are very meaningful, kind relationships are very meaningful, wisdom and joy are also very meaningful.

We have the choice what to focus on. We are creating our life.
Our mind is like a garden, what we sow the is growing.

Anonymous said...

I guess Ole is neither good nor evil.
I think he believes that he is doing good; but in reality his students do worship him as something more than human, like a god, and that is not healthy. Nor is it reality.
Yes, Ole lives the rock star life, and I understand that he has several children from his students across the globe.
Ole seems to believe himself that he is a kind of god; and he has the charm and personality to convince thousands of others that he is a god too.
So in this regard, I agree that Ole Nydahl is dangerous, and that Diamond Way is a cult of personality.

Mister said...

Ole Nydahl is not a budddhist master. He is a cult leader. I would ask anyone to look at his books and writings of his followers written at his bequest. His words of slander and divisiveness speak for themselves. This is not the speech of a true lama or buddha. His actions speak for themselves. I really am surprised at how little his followers question him. I believe the buddha said "question everything". LMAO!!!

Mister said...

Ole Nydahl is not a budddhist master. He is a cult leader. I would ask anyone to look at his books and writings of his followers written at his bequest. His words of slander and divisiveness speak for themselves. This is not the speech of a true lama or buddha. His actions speak for themselves. I really am surprised at how little his followers question him. I believe the buddha said "question everything". LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

El camino del diamante es una SECTA !!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is a cult. I have been there the problem is not with ole the problem is with the people specially within London sangha.

People are scared for the reason to say they open ideas or opinion as some (5 people) are thimking they are little Gods.

It is not about buddhism anymore it is about power. Unfortunately Ole is getting older to understand this but if you are going to the sangha you will pick this up staright away. It should not happen and yes people are following him like God.

This shows that we are still Catholics and that we are not able to adjust to the eastern philosopy. People are meditating the way how people are praying in the church.

People do not like to deal with heavy situations they are happy to kick them out.

And the new Centre in Duffy Hall? For what to certain people will benefit from that to live there but who will go there?

People who has no opinion and capable to say to yes always to the main people. So are you ready for this?

If not please do not try Diamond Way buddhism

Anonymous said...

I think people should do some research on the traditional methods to become a Lama and then try to find out if this Lama has done those things. About seven years ago I attended some meetings at a center, and then went to visit off and on over the years. In general, I noticed that no one talked about their learning experiences and had a smug attitude. Many of their beliefs and behavior's do not follow basic buddhist beliefs and they did not seem to have common sense or empathy for others. Many of them seem to have strong anger and control issues even though they have been "practicing" for over five years. A woman who sat in front of me at a lecture tried to kill a bug that flew by. Another girl seemed to be trying to get on video as much as possible. She would go on stage just to move a tea cup half an inch. People next to me laughed at her. No empathy. Now I will visit other centers to check out the people and teachers since this one does not seem to be buddhist.

Anonymous said...

I attended a Ole lecture this week. There were several females in the audience who were dressed in tight, suggestive clothing that I have never seen at any other spiritual type lectures, and it seemed like they were competing to see who could kiss him on the mouth the most during the blessing after the lecture. He actually had small make out sessions with some of them right there. Pretty strange. After the lecture there was a party at the center where they did have a large stock of beer that was available if you pay for it, which is illegal. Whenever I asked someone a question, they would change the subject and ask if I have done the next level yet - to make me feel inferior to them. I have never met a member who talks about spiritual experiences. Maybe they have never had one. When Ole was taking questions at the lecture, he would change the subject and give vague answers like he did not comprehend the question. Small posters that you need to practice cost $20 and he has a book for sale that is priced at over $70 on amazon.com and bookstores even though its a small, thin paperback book and you need this to start practicing. The suggested monthly donation if you are a member seems excessive. Some centers are private homes but I dont hear of any accounting books for members to view to see what happens to these funds. I suggest you do your research and check out a few different types of centers.